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Wednesdays at 4:30pm-5:30pm

Please join us downstairs to enjoy "Believing the faith" classes.
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Saturday 6:30pm CST
Rosary 6:00pm CST
Holy Day Vigil 6:00pm CST
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Saint Christopher
Saint Christopher Catholic Church is a loving, parish community located in Jamestown, Tennessee. We are united by our faith in Jesus Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit.

Our mission is to challenge and support one another while humbly living the gospel message. We strive to serve the common good as witnesses to Jesus Christ.

In support for our community, we strive to honor God in everything we do. Our goals as a Parish focus on nurturing spiritual growth, providing exceptional Catholic educational programs, responding to the needs of those in the Parish community, and compassionately reaching out to serve all those in need.
Saint Christopher means - Christ bearer. W hile carrying people across a raging stream, Saint Christopher picked up a small child tocarry him. Midstream with the child on his shoulders, the water bagan to rise, and the child grewsteadily heavier It was only through great exertion that he was able to deliver the child safely to the other side. When he asked the child why he was so heavy, the child explained that he was Jesus Christ, and that when St. Christopher carried him, he was also carrying the weight of the whole world on his shoulders. The child then vanished. St. Christopher began to travel, evangelizing to thousands as he went. He is the patron saint of travelers and of children. His feast day is July 25. Our church was dedicated on July 25, 2009.
Misa en Espanol:
Sunday 8:00am CST
Confession Hours
Sacrament of Reconciliation:
1st Saturday of every
month after Mass or
anytime by arrangement.