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Guild of St. Mother Teresa
Our mission is to connect the Guild of St. Mother Teresa with the Saint Christopher Catholic Church and parish community through assistance to the church, the needy and the less fortunate. Below are some of the activities we focus on:
The Guild will provide periodic opportunities for the women of the parish to enhance their personal relationship with God through speakers, retreats, prayerful refection, Bible study, etc.
The Guild will continue its support of parish operations, such as providing monies to assist in the purchase of altar vestments, as well as providing a meal following funeral services and serving other hospitality functions. The Guild will also be responsible for maintaining the kitchen and overseeing the cleaning of St. Christopher Hall. In addition, the Guild will be available to assist other parish organizations, (Knights of Columbus , Parish Council, etc.) as needed to support activities. To provide financial support for these and other functions, the Guild will conduct at least one fundraiser per year.
The Guild intends that all women of the parish - regardless of faith - should feel welcome in our parish family and should get to know each other outside traditional functions. To that end, the Guild will conduct outreach activities to parish women, like an Easter egg hunt, Christmas party, communications to the sick, and homebound, those in grief, and others. The Guild will also provide periodic opportunities for all parish women, including teens, to interact in charitable-giving activities. To the extent practicable, the Guild shall interact ecumenically with other church-based organizations (such as Operation Christmas Child) in the community in support of the overall mission of the guild.
If you would like more information regarding the Guild of Saint Mother Teresa, please contact Mary Germann , Stormy Allen , or email church at .