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Altar Servers
Altar Server is open to all boys and girls fourth grade and up who wish to assist at Mass. Those interested are invited to attend training sessions.
Altar Society is a ministry that promotes a warm and inviting environment in the church. They are responsible for decorations and flowers during the liturgical seasons as well as general upkeep and cleanliness throughout the year.
Eucharistic Ministers assist the celebrant in distributing communion during Mass. They also take the Eucharist to those who are unable to attend Mass. Some preparation is required.
A Catholic Fraternal Men’s Organization. A group of brothers raising funds for catholic scholarships, celebrating special events, serving our community, and strengthen our faith and those of our family members. We are stronger together.
Ushers take on the responsibility of tending to details of each service so that it is conducted in an orderly way. Duties include: initiating collection, seeing to the security of all donations, seating and assisting those with a handicap to find an appropriate seat.
Altar Society
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
Knights of Colombus
The Guild of St. Mother Teresa
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A group of women who connect the Church and parish community through assistance to the church, the needy and the less fortunate.
The purpose of the lectors is to proclaim the Sacred Scriptures at Masses and other liturgies. Lectors proclaim normally the readings from the Old Testament and the New Testament prior to the reading of the Gospel. The lectors also read the prayers of the faithful after the homily.